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AS-1400 Wireless In-Ear Monitor with Standard EB4 Ear Buds: 275 selectable channels, includes 1 AS-1400T, 1 AS-1400R, EB4 ear buds, single/dual rack kit, antenna, and power supply.

The Galaxy Audio AS-1400 is a part of a line of Wireless Personal Monitoring Systems, offering high end features and performance at a very affordable price. The transmitter features stereo XLR/1/4" inputs, headphone output with volume control, input level control, and LCD display for channel and input level. The Receiver features Mixed Mono Mode for your own personal mix, volume, and an LCD display with channel, battery level, and RF level. Galaxy Audio’s comfort EB4 premium ear buds feature titanium drivers, extended bass response, aluminum alloy construction, and come standard with all WPM models. This IEM system comes in options of a Single system, Twin Pack system, and Band Pack system. The Galaxy Audio AS-1400 personal monitoring system is perfect for the working musician, House of Worship or any application requiring an affordable, reliable WPM system.

The Galaxy Audio AS-1400 Twin Pack and Band Pack IEM Systems makes it easy for any duo or band to Get Personal. The Twin Pack IEM system includes two receivers and one transmitter. The Band Pack system includes four receivers and one transmitter. These personal montioring systems are designed to get the duo or whole band wireless in one package. The AS-1400-2 and AS-1400-4 will allow a duo or band to send one stereo mix to 2 or 4 individuals. Additional transmitters may be purchased at a later date to add mixes.

An unlimited number of receivers may be added at any time.

See "Configurations" for ear bud upgrade system options.

  • Featuring Mixed Mono Mode
  • 275 Selectable Channels
  • UHF Phase Locked Loop
  • Blacklit LCD (Displays Channel Number and Freq.)
  • Stereo or Mono Transmission
  • Single Rack Mount Included
  • Multiple Receivers can be used with 1 Transmitter
  • 300' Range
  • EB4 Ear Buds Included

The Mixed Mono feature allows performers to adjust the balance of the Left and Right audio signals sent from the transmitter right on the body pack. With Mixed Mono: 

  • The performers can have their vocals in Input 1 and the band mix in Input 2 and adjust the volume of each independently to create their own personal mix, or
  • You can send two different monitor mixes from the board so each performer can decide which mix they want to hear on their belt pack.

AS-1400T Transmitter

  • Transmits in Stereo or Mono
  • Light Up LCD Display
  • Channel Number and Frequency
  • 275 Selectable Channels
  • XLR/1/4" Combo Input
  • RF L/R Indicator
  • RF Output 30 mW
  • Detachable BNC Antenna

AS-1400R Receiver

  • LCD Display with Backlight
  • Earphone Output Volume Control
  • 3 Bar Battery Life Indicator
  • RF Indicator
  • 100 mW Headphone Output
  • Ear Buds Included
  • 5.12 oz (145 g)