2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Link Kit With Transmitter / Receiver

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    2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Link Kit With Transmitter / Receiver

    There are occasions when running cables is simply not the best or most convenient option, which leads people to consider wireless video. Here are the top reasons why you should consider wireless:

    Ease of Installation

    Wireless transmissions perform the same job as wired transmissions; both convey information from point A to point B. The difference with wireless is that there is nothing to see, nor cable to pull — it’s invisible! This, of course, makes the installation of a video security system fast while maintaining a professional appearance.

    Temporary Needs

    Wireless video security systems are an excellent choice when individuals or businesses need to temporarily monitor a room or specific valuables. It allows people to secure their valuables without making any permanent modifications to their home or business. This makes a wireless system the best choice for CCTV surveillance of rental properties or apartments.

    Covert Applications

    Whether it's body-worn, a rural scene, or investigations in the office; wireless video is almost always preferred over using cabling for covert use. Wireless video minimizes the chance of detection during installation and monitoring, and reduces the chances that the suspect(s) will discover the gear. In many cases, wireless video is the only option for covert needs.


    Use Your Analog Camera to Send Wireless Video and Audio!

    • 300' line of sight range
    • Digital wireless frequency hopping technology
    • 3db omni directional antenna
    • Operating frequency band 2.400GHz-2.4835GHz

    *Estimated monthly payment; individual circumstances will determine exact monthly payment.
    WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Health Warning Information