Terms And Conditions


Prices printed are provided as accurately as possible, however they may contain typographical errors and are subject to change without notice. Customer should assume the responsibility of verifying current pricing either on our web-site or by calling.

All prices are FOB point of shipment. Carrier will be selected by us unless otherwise specified by customer. Free freight promotions, etc...may be voided by customers selection of specific carrier or service. One C.O.D. charge will be assessed per box shipped C.O.D. Customer is responsible for inspecting all freight and making claims of damage to the shipper.

Past due invoices are subject to a finance charge of 1.5% per month, or 18% annually. Finance charges begin accumulating on the first delinquent day past given terms, and are compounding. If collection efforts are necessary, NLFX Professional shall be reimbursed for all collection and/or legal fees that are necessary to collect the past due amount.

NLFX Professional makes claim of no warranty express or implied other than that provided by the manufacturer of the product. All warranties will be executed by the respective manufacturer. As authorized dealers we will assist you in having your warranty fulfilled. Please call our tech support line for warranty assistance.