Extended Warranty

We offer an extended warranty option for most of our audio products through CPS Central. This warranty is an addition to the manufacturers warranty, and the extended warranty covers the full cost of parts and labor for the entire duration of the CPS Warranty, unlike manufacturer warranties that typically only cover the cost of labor for the first 90 days and there is no deductible. Your extended warranty begins the day after your manufacturer warranty no longer covers the cost of labor, frequently the 91st day. Our extended warranties also provide you with a no lemon guarantee, so if your product is beyond economical repair or the service center has attempted to repair your product three time, you will get a replacement product. 

After purchasing an extended warranty from us, we recommend that you register your warranty with CPS either at www.cpscentral.com/register or by calling (800) 905-0443. Be sure to keep your receipt or invoice as proof of purchase in the event that you need to file a claim.

In the event that you need to file a claim you will do so with the manufacturer if your product is still fully covered under their warranty, otherwise you will File a Claim with CPS. CPS will direct you to the nearest approved service center where they will cover the cost of parts and labor, this does not include shipping if you choose to ship your product to a service center.