SNAP cable clip

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SNAP cable clip

SNAP™ truss cable management clip

Black clips currently sold-out (1/23/18)

SNAP™ is an innovative new tool that makes cable management on trusses an absolute...SNAP!

SNAP™ has been built to handle cables of all sizes, from a single cord to multiple standard muiti-core cables.

SNAP™ is compatible with all standard 2-inch (48-51mm) truss cords and is attached and removed using one hand and takes just seconds.

SNAP™ is robust and completely reusable, reducing running costs for adhesive tapes, cable ties, etc. along with setup time, and the need to clean adhesive from cables between shows.

SNAP™ has a non-scratch design that stops painted trusses from losing their finish or coating.

SNAP™ is made from a strong, single molded piece of plastic, and is available in standard black, grey/silver, along with a wide variety of optional colors.

SNAP™ is designed and manufactured in Germany and distributed exclusively in the USA by GLP and Cosmic Truss.