ProAcademy Geek Boot Camp DVD

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ProAcademy Series: Geek Booth Camp contains essential basic training for anyone who works with AV technologies. This DVD is a must have for Bands, Schools, Houses of Worship, DJs and more. 65 Minutes, DVD - NTSC. Publisher: Pulse Width Multimedia. (C) 2012

Chapter List: 

Electrical Units of Measure 
Ohm's Law 
Volt Drop & Amplifier Loss 
Using a Multimeter 
Series vs. Parallel Circuits 
Signal Types & Connectors 
Cable Coiling 

What people are saying about Geek Boot Camp: 

If I had paid attention in High School Physics I probably wouldn't have needed this DVD. But I didn't, so I do. I would never have thought anyone could present such material in an entertaining and enlightening way, but Ben has pulled it off! I laughed out loud 3 times, and that was just during the introduction! 

~Mike Walter, Author of "Running Your Multi-Op" 

Ben Stowe admits he’s a geek, but he’s a geek who actually speaks English! To keep you and your guests safe, you know you should understand the equipment that you use. In this series of videos, Ben explains complicated formulas with easy to follow examples. I recommend you grab some popcorn and cuddle up with that special someone to watch the section on ‘Cable Coiling.’ Seriously, the Pro Academy Series new video ‘Geek Boot Camp’ is a great learning tool, broken down into fast-paced segments covering technical stuff that you need to know! 

~Jim Cerone, The Perfect Host – 

Ben Stowe is one of the most knowledgeable guys I've ever met when it comes to sound and recording technology. He's also a great communicator -- and is able to explain complex technical material in a way that makes sense to us 'non-geeks' and 'wanna-be' technicians. Thumbs up to his new DVD! 

~Tom Haibeck, Author of “Wedding Toasts Made Easy” 

Ben has done it again! This time he is enlisting you to join his army of tech geeks. By the time this basic training is complete – you will be armed and ready for a full on assault in understanding electronics. From the simple to the complex, this boot camp will break it down in easy fashion. So fall-in and be prepared to stand on the front lines as Ben Stowe gives you the ammunition you need to take your business to the next level. 

~Larry Williams, Author of “Customer Service A to Z” 

The Geek Boot Camp video hosted by Ben Stowe covers everything from A to Z about the technical side of working with audio. The presentation breaks sections down into easily digestible bites of information that are simple to understand. You can't really call yourself a professional DJ until you know this stuff! I can't recommend this DVD highly enough 

~Stacy Zemon, Author of: “The Mobile DJ Handbook”, 
“The DJ Sales & Marketing Handbook”, “The Mobile DJ MBA” 

Great job, Ben! While I have no desire to be a geek, I do have a desire to have a working knowledge of how things work, so that I can easily trouble-shoot and fix the simple things that can go wrong at an event, and you’ve given me the perfect tool to do just that. The Pro Academy Geek Boot Camp has enough information to make it worthwhile to watch, enough humor to keep me interested and enough value to make it an easy addition to my professional library. For those of us who are technically challenged, this is a God-send! 

~Randy Bartlett, "The 1% Solution" 

I think "Geek Bootcamp" is unique, very well done and extremely informative! As a church, it's an invaluable resource we can refer to over and over again, as the need arises. 

~Steve Feeley, Senior Pastor of Calvary Fellowship of Emmaus, PA 

Geek Boot Camp is a great educational video, its offers a great introduction into electricity, and gives students great examples of how this knowledge applies to an industry. Geek Boot Camp combines animations, and real life demonstrations giving excellent illustrations of electricity, and safety. Geek Boot Camp is an excellent resource in my classroom. 

~Rick Frentress – Technology Education Instructor 

Geek Boot Camp is a fantastic source for 'bite-size', accurate information in a sea of misinformation. Host, Ben Stowe takes great care to share his considerable knowledge with those of us who are technologically challenged. The information in this DVD training series will be extremely helpful to anyone, especially those like myself, who become immediately 'dazed and confused' when the discussion of 'ohms', 'watts' and 'voltage" comes up. Additionally, the specificity of the training DVD, as it pertains to DJs, will also solidify the technical knowledge for those who have some "tech" experience, but are at the point where they want to make sure they have all the facts. Bottom Line: Geek Boot Camp is a great product for everyone... those new to the DJ business as well as the tired, cranky, 'know-it-alls' who have somehow managed NOT to destroy their equipment. :) 

~Elisabeth Scott Daley, WED™, ABC™ 

Getting the best sound quality and performance out of your system requires a number of elements that need to work in harmony. Often we need a nuts and bolts overview, regardless of our level of experience. The new DVD in the ProAcademy Series: "Geek Boot Camp", was produced to do just that. Irregardless of your status in the world of commercial audio; experienced, novice ,or wannabee, you will find this series educational and entertaining. It includes practical, easy-to-understand information for anybody who aspires to work in professional sound reinforcement . We can't all have degrees in Electrical Engineering, but we can get a copy of "ProAcademy Series: Geek Boot Camp." 

~Michael Buonaccorso, Mobile Beat Magazine, Author of “A Different Spin” 

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