Headliner Ventura Portable DJ Booth And Lighting Bar System

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The Headliner Ventura Portable DJ Booth and Lighting Bar System is a complete solution for DJ’s on-the-go. This all-in-one package includes a scrim-covered facade with built-in countertop and lighting bar, and a set of zippered carrying bags.  A professional solution for weddings and corporate events that mobile DJ’s and clients alike will love.

The facade has four 27.5”x 47” panels made of black powder-coated steel frames with white scrims, ideal for rear-projection lighting. The scrims are made of stretchy Lycra and are machine washable and fire-retardant. The frame hinges feature locking pins to keep the facade from coming apart during setup and teardown.

The 49.5”x19” countertop, made of two carpeted boards, is perfect for just about any DJ equipment setup including DJ controllers, laptop, turntables, or lighting controllers. It attaches directly to the facade via two sturdy extendable crossbars. Extending the crossbars allows the side panels of the facade to extend out to a 45˚ angle. The countertop sits at a comfortable 36.5” from the ground and holds up to 60lbs of evenly distributed weight.

The lighting bar attaches directly to the facade’s side panels and can be set up as a goal post or as two independent T-bars. It is height-adjustable from 88” up to 93”. It features seven fixture mounting points distributed over its 98” width, and includes all mounting hardware for use with your favorite lighting fixtures.

The system assembles in a few minutes and requires no tools. The facade can be folded and stowed in its carrying bag with scrims attached. A separate bag is provided for all hardware and poles to keep your facade and scrims free from dents and scratches. The entire system easily fits in most SUV’s and cargo vans, and weighs only 64lbs.

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