Aurora Saber laser

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Aurora Saber laser

X-Laser® Aurora Saber laser

X-Laser’s newest and boldest single-aperture Aurora system yet is the Aurora Saber. We engineered its beams to be more than 3 times wider than any Aurora model we’ve produced, so it can produce extremely bold and impressively bright aerial effects. The Aurora Saber has 9-channel DMX control, as well as Auto and Sound Active modes, making it an extremely easy fixture to use. Like all of our Aurora models, the Saber only scans flat, so you never need to worry about beams scanning down into an audience or up into the sky.

The Aurora Saber is currently available for preorder only and will begin shipping early 2017. See the video below for a demo!


A “saber” of light

Create beams so bold you’d think they’re visible from “a galaxy far, far away.” Vivid redgreenbluecyan,magentayellow and white are all at your disposal.

Big punch, big value

Like all of our Aurora projectors, we aimed to keep the Aurora Saber priced at an accessible level, while making sure that you get the absolute most “beam for the buck.”

Advancing the Aurora concept

Horizontal-only scanning keeps every photon of light skimming right over the audience, without the risk of scanning too low or wasting beams into a venue’s ceiling.


  • One powerful aperture, similar to our Caliente Aurora projector
  • Produces extra bold and wide aerial beams in an entry-level package
  • 100+ built-in laser patterns
  • Total control via 9-channel DMX
  • Seven beautiful laser colors (RGB, CMY, W)
  • Easily create safe liquid sky and hot beam effects
  • Auto mode & adjustable sound sensitivity
  • Low power consumption
  • Rugged Type II anodized aluminum interlocking housing
  • X-Laser No-Hassle 1-year limited warranty (6 mo. on diodes)
  • Double quality checked in a 26-point inspection before shipping
  • Our EZ Variance Kit helps you obtain your variance easily, in as few as 30 business days.