ATW-A49 Antenna Package

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ATW-A49 Antenna Package

Wireless wide-band directional antenna package from NLFX Professional.

 Package contains:

1 - ATW-A49 UHF Wide-band Directional LPDA Antennas

Pair of UHF wide-band directional LPDA (log periodic dipole array) antennas provide enhanced signal pickup for UHF wireless systems throughout a wide band range (440-900 MHz). Each antenna paddle is matched to 50 ohms impedance with an integral high-quality low-loss BNC connector; 6 dB gain. For permanent or temporary installation; mounts to 5/8"-27 threads.

1 - K&M 236 Microphone bar - black

Connects to top of mic stands for holding 4 microphones or boom arms. 5/8" locking screws. 

1 - K&M 216 Thread Adapter - zinc plated

5/8" 27 gauge female thread, 3/8" male thread. 

2 - 20ft BNC to BNC cables

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