Ape Stick 4 TourPack 10 pc

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    ape labs Ape Stick 4 TourPack 10 pc

    ape labs Ape Stick 4 TourPack 10 pc.

    Short-Throw / Wide Angle Wash Bar

    The ApeStick 4 is a tube-shaped all-purpose battery LED fixture with wireless DMX control. It is equipped with a fixed battery that has a run time of at least eight hours. Control the ApeStick 4 with the Ape Remote, which can be used for all Ape Labs products. Professional users can control the stick via wireless DMX with the W-Ape wireless DMX transceiver or MobiLight 4.

    The preconfigured programs, colors, and speeds are great for a variety of events. The fixture also has a sound active mode. This is controlled by the internal microphone, which adapts automatically to the volume.

    The ApeStick 4 has two individually adjustable, extremely powerful magnets. Therefore, it can be easily attached to any metallic object. Included with each fixture are two (2) stainless steel plates, which allow mounting on nonmagnetic objects.

    All Ape Labs products are compatible with each other and can be controlled by the same remote control, W-Ape Transceiver, or MobiLight 4. All colors macros and programs match across the different device types. Ape Labs devices communicate with each other and repeat the original 2.4GHz signal continuously.


    ApeStick 4 (10), Charging case (1), ApeRemote (1) 
    -1x ApeStick 4
    -2x Stainless steel mounting sheets
    -1x Charging adapter, 100–240 V
    -Built-in rechargeable battery (NiMH)


    -100% made and engineered in Germany
    -Three-year US warranty
    -Seamless integration with any Ape Labs fixture via wireless DMX
    -Groupable with any Ape Labs fixtures via Ape Remote (create DMX-like lighting shows, without having to program DMX)
    -All-metal design with premium components
    -Designed to be extremely simple, easy, efficient, small, and lightweight
    -3,000 foot DMX range with W-Ape or MobiLight 4
    -100 foot range with 2.4GHz Ape Remote
    -Built-in DMX receiver and repeater (for both DMX control and Ape Remote control)
    -Built-in preset static colors, auto programs, and sound active mode (with auto adjusting room sensitivity)
    -Similar internal software across all wireless products, so all programs will match with mixed SKUs


    -At least eight hours of battery life on “full white” power
    -Short-throw, wide-wash effect
    -Warm white color
    -Wash bar with magnetic brackets for easy setup
    -Often used under a bar, above a table, inside a truss or scrim, or for any short-throw application


    -RGBwW LEDs (all RGB colors and warm white)
    -Built-in colors and programs with controllable speed
    -Sound active with automatic gain from internal microphone or from a W-Ape Transceiver’s central microphone
    -Four-group management
    -Multiple DMX modes: three channel (dimmer, program, and speed); four channel (RGBW 8-bit); eight channel (RGBW 16-bit)


    ApeStick 4
    -Length: 24.4 inches
    -Diameter: 1.0 inch
    -Weight: 1.1 pounds

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